star signs,” Yuffie. “Funny Hyd - littlefears | ello

“I think he went there looking for star signs,” said Yuffie.

“Funny that,” said Hydra, “I was in a pet shop the other d...

“Met snail today,” Hydra. asked - littlefears | ello

“Met a snail today,” said Hydra.

“How did you get on?” asked Yuffie.

“Not bad,” said Hydra. “We spoke on the same leve...

Hydra dog,” sighed Yuffie. nice - littlefears | ello

“Well, Hydra got a dog,” sighed Yuffie.

“Oh, that’s nice for him,” said Fuen.

“He called it Ten Miles,” grumbled Yuffi...

Bug?” Fuen. missus kicked sighe - littlefears | ello

“What’s up, Bug?” said Fuen.

“The missus just kicked me out,” sighed Bug.

“But why?” asked Fuen.

“’Cause I put CCTV u...

asked Blue. White. “Magic exist - littlefears | ello

“Don’t believe in it, do you?” asked Blue.

“Not sure,” said White.

“Magic doesn’t exist,” said Black.

“Well my missus...

ma’ Bob?” asked voice. “Piss re - littlefears | ello

“What’s ma’ name Bob?” asked the voice.

“Piss off,” replied Bob.

“Say my name Bob,” said the voice.

“Never,” said Bob...

bad,” Stag. nice,” Deer. square - littlefears | ello

“It’s not that bad,” said Stag.

“It looks quite nice,” said Deer.

“I would’ve liked some squares though,” said Stag.

Oooo Capricorn wall art Etsy, r - littlefears | ello

Oooo so we got the Capricorn wall art onto Etsy, and we just realised the 'Buy' thingy on Ello just means putting in the...

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