Holiday Science Workshops

The holidays are a great time to teach your child something new in a fun way – something schools can’t really do. No snowman, no camping, no gift wrapping – something scientific. It’s a great way to explain science using the gift of candy and colors and other art. There are many of these science workshops for children that are holiday themed. It’s great for the family and there are plenty of them around your town.

What Are Science Workshops?
First of all, science workshops for families happen year-round showcasing basic tricks and impressive examples without the reading. It is an interactive experience for everyone and seeing electricity making hair stand or a fire coming out of a can with a couple of chemicals is quite the sight that makes kids like science. (And the parents also, if they found science as boring as it was in their day.) When it is a themed after something, like Christmas, Easter, or the Forth of July, things can be even more interesting.

What Is Done in A Holiday Version?
For the holidays, kids will learn how a candy cane is made with the swirling colors. Who doesn’t love a candy cane? How does snow form when it falls? They can do an indoor version of it (well, not the snowfall) on the making of the lovely slush kids do snow angels on. Robot building is always a fun activity. Dressing it as an elf, reindeer, or Santa makes it even better.

In addition, the science of Christmas includes teaching the dazzling technique of how Reindeers can fly (wink, wink), what makes good Eggnog – without the alcohol of course, and the energy made in activities such as sledding. If you are in the city, you may find with all of this an IMAX theater showing a holiday-themed show about space, weather, animals, or even – especially now – Rouge One. If the kids love Star Wars, and it is a growing popular series, IMAX will have Rogue One everywhere. Who wouldn’t love to see Star Wars in a Christmas spirit? (Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, of course, but I don’t think that would be seen.)

Check Your Local Listings
They are usually located in the nearest science museum or planetarium or art gallery. Maybe, even the local park where families can gather around. There are plenty of Christmas events that go beyond the lights and displays, but what is behind all of it and what makes it so eye-popping when we see them. I suspect hot cider and cocoa with marshmallows will be given. There may be a brief explanation about that instead of just adding water. And probably, in the most Christmas thing ever, how does a Christmas tree grow and why do we have that kind a tree for decoration? Even in the smallest of things, these science workshops can explain and make it fun for kids in the spirit of the holidays. So, check it out and reserve it for the family.