Love is my religion.Action is my weapon.Humanity governs me.Kindness is my medicine.

Going forward, I’ll be intentionally supporting my friends who are artists, writers, freelancers, POC, LGBTQIA, the disabled, and women both emotionally and financially, on a regular basis. The way I think about what I’m going to do with my energy and action will aim towards them first. I will actively resist injustice, inequality and the normalization of leadership by sociopathy. Beyond that kindness and compassion is my radiating force. I will throw that shit out at the world and let it land wherever it may. I will throw my heart at the world every.damn.day.

I’m going to fight for right more, give more, work more, read more, exercise more, and love more. I’m going to be strong in mind and body and heart.

I’m going to argue, wallow, fret, worry, doubt, scroll and waste time less. I’m going to stare at my phone less so.much.less and enter the world more. I’m going to be present, act, and make a difference.

We still can. We always can. Make a list of what you’re going to do - big stuff, little stuff, abstract and specific. Look at it when you feel hopeless and just do something. Action gives us purpose.

I love you.

#lovewarrior #letsroll #yeswecan

Love religion.Action weapon.Hum - lotuscarroll | ello

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