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Ello everyone! Really appreciate all the followers! I have a new bike to show you all.

This is @lucian's GhostCat! The GhostCat was born from bouncing ideas around with @todd and@lucian on our local trails here in CO. It sports a 29in wheel in the front and a 27.5in wheel in the back, is fully ridged, steel, single speed, belt drive and ready to shred! The geometry is something I'm really amped about, it has a very short rear end that keeps the bike very playful and quick in the corners unlike typical 29rs. The short rear also makes it easier to get that front wheel up. It's also a bit slacker than a typical ridged SS to keep you in a nice attack mode, but not too slack that your wheel flopping the front on big climbs even with a 29+ tire. With the big front wheel you can eat up the trail and rail the corners. It goes up and it goes down really well basically and it's a ton of fun!! I hope you all like it. It will be a new model in the Matter stable. I'll have more details soon! Big thanks to @todd and @lucian! This bike would not exist without them.


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