- Ello development updates -

We've quietly launched lots of bug fixes and updates in the past few days and just launched a bunch more. Here's a list, because we've got a good list vibe going today :memo:

New stuff: :new:

* You can now request more invites if you run out - check your Invite page and bring your favorite people to the party :white_check_mark:

* If you're using Chrome or Firefox you should be able to paste an image into the Omnibar directly from your system clipboard. Whoa! Props to @666 for making that happen :metal:

Bug fixes: :bug:

* Proper image orientation for mobile photo uploads :camera::boom: You shouldn't see any sideways images anymore. This update also fixed several other image upload issues :smile:

* iOS and Android phones now have a much improved posting & editing experience from the Omnibar. It's certainly not perfect, but it's getting better. Be sure to download the latest version of Chrome if you're on an Android device :iphone:

* Android devices can now select an existing photo to upload from your library. Previously you could only take a new photo with your camera. This feature is unpredictable across mobile browsers, but it should work nicely now :+1:

* @ Username autocompletion in the omnibar is working properly again - we broke something a few days ago but it's all good now. "Break it till you make it", I say.

Improvements: :wrench:

* Your avatar images are now saved at a higher resolution. If you re-upload your avatar, it will look better for everybody, especially on high pixel density screens (i.e. Retina displays) :bust_in_silhouette:

* We've been refining tons of other features, and will continue to do so. Ello is in its infancy but is growing up quckly :baby:

And Then:
There are a ton of new features & updates coming online in the next few days/weeks. We have some truly exciting announcements in store as well, and are letting in lots of new users who've requested invites from our homepage. Stay tuned :tv:

A huge thanks to @jejacks0n and @mk for working so hard to streamline our development process - they've been killing it :fire: @jayzes, @mikepack and @gv have been working their magic behind the scenes to make Ello run smoothly, and I'm constantly impressed by everybody's efforts. A final thanks to @budnitz, @todd, @lucian and @anna for working so hard with us nerds :heart:

/via @cacheflowe (who makes the best Ello update posts :metal:)

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