We've just rolled out a handful of bug fixes to Ello on the web related to the rollout of the new WebApp a few days ago. :bug: #productupdate

If these impacted you, you may need to refresh first!

We updated the LOGIN, SIGNUP, AND FORGOT PASSWORD forms to remove the functionality where the button was disabled until you entered something in all fields. This wasn't working in older safari, chrome, and firefox browsers, and some newer versions of IE. :older_man:

Right click / control click on inline usernames now works again. :mouse2:

Infinite scrolling is now working in Firefox on profiles. :sparkles:

We fixed an issue where comments weren't always editable right after creation. :pencil2:

We added a bit of bottom padding to post detail pages so comments are always visible. :metal:

We fixed an issue where the text on your settings page when updating your header wasn't visible. :pencil2:

We've also made a handful of behind-the-scenes fixes to alleviate some general timeout issues that we're having in the API. :speedboat:

Thanks to everyone for sending us your feedback. If you have anything else, please email [email protected] and we're on it. :bow:

cc/ @chelsea @ello @alexi @lucian @markgelband @666 @jayzes @todd

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