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5 Killer Examples of Branding Done Right

1. Ello is the creators' network.

Ello is a self-described minimalist social network, attempting to challenge the status-quo set by more popular platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s a hard market to break into, with a lot of long-cemented competition and few opportunities for differentiation, but Ello makes up for that with its approach to branding, which goes hand-in-hand with its unique value proposition.

Ello promises its users that they will never see any advertisements and that their personal information will never be sold or acquired in any way. It’s alleged to be the perfect minimalist, ad-free social platform, and its minimalist, straightforward, sincere branding showcases that. With black and white coloration, simple layouts and no-BS copy, it gives users an atmosphere that perfectly represents the product.


Gif by @haydiroket

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