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WebApp is live!

We just made a bunch of excellent updates to Ello on the web. To many of you the changes will be subtle, perhaps imperceptible, but your Ello experience will be improved – most definitely. Here are a few highlights:

- Improves speed and performance
- Adds NEW "share a profile" feature
- Enables rapid release of Android app
- Supports animated avatars and headers (profile page only)
- Improves scrolling and pagination
- Provides logged-in featured user banners
- Adds new image-loading... indicators
- Fixes many long standing bugs, particularly on Android
- Creates a unique search URL to share with others
- Improves invite page and makes it easier to invite en masse
- Adds ability to sort your followers by Following & Starred

Much of this work has occurred behind the scenes, under the hood. Here are a couple of details:

1. Ello now utilizes a common API for the web, iOS and the SOON-TO-BE RELEASED Android app
2. We've removed nearly 45,000 lines of code and two legacy versions of our UI – making updates significantly and faster easier moving forward!

Your input is critical in making Ello the best community it can be. Please provide your feedback on the new Web 3.0 here.

This work represents a huge step forward in our efforts to release our Android app. If you signed up to beta-test Android, sit tight: invites are coming.

PS. You may need to refresh to see the changes.

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