A quick update on what’s up at Ello — and a preview of all the awesome new stuff that’s coming over the next few weeks.

Our programming team has been hard at work since New Year’s on a secret project (OK, it’s not secret anymore because I’m telling you about it now). It's called Ello Beta V.2, and it's set to release in the next few weeks.

The second version of Ello includes totally redesigned Ello front-end created by @mk and his team, with a more powerful backend to support it. It will incorporate lot of the interface innovations that @todd and @lucian invented for the Ello mobile apps (coming soon — details below), including even more elegant navigation, smoother transitions, and many new features too. Our backend team has built a new API to go with it that simultaniously cleans up a bunch of bugs while helping Ello to run even faster as Ello continues to grow.

New features coming soon include #tagging, robust content search, real-time notifications, private groups, private messages, loves, bookmarking, and much more. Wow!

Expect Ello Beta V.2 to arrive in just a few weeks.

Which brings me to... Ello mobile apps!

I know, I know — we're all are dying for an Ello app. But at Ello we like to do things right. And guess what? They’re almost here, and they’re amazing.

We've been playing around with prototypes in the Ello office, and all I keep hearing in the background is, "Oh my god, this is the best app in the world!" over and over. Mobile lead @seand and his team have been pulling long hours. Expect to be blown away. iPhone versions will arrive first, with Android shortly thereafter.

Last but not least: Ello is more than just a social network, it’s a growing movement and a worldwide creative community. Many people have been asking for an Ello meet-up, so we decided to throw a still-top-secret-real-world-Ello-event this Spring. Details soon.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff. And there's even more coming — but this note is already way too long, so I’ll let the rest be a surprise.

Thank you for so much love and support as we continue build our simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network.

Please continue to help Ello grow organically. Invite the people you love, and who will love Ello too.

Much love,





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