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This week we had close to a quarter million new accounts on Ello. At this moment there are 3500 new people signing up on Ello an hour.

Some are joining in conjunction with sound & video file release. But most people are being invited by other Ello users. Which is awesome! The best way to build community is through community.

So, if you’re new to Ello: we're so glad you're here! Here's a great post by @cgwarex on what to do if you're new.

When we launched Ello in August we started with just 90 of our friends. We made three radical decisions at the time:

1) We would let Ello grow organically, friend to friend. Part of that had to do with the fact that we knew our backend wasn’t ready to deal with so much traffic (it is now), but mostly it was because we believed (and still believe) that the best community is one that grows from person to person.

2) We decided to develop Ello live. Rather than delivering a social network with all the features we could dream up all at once, we have been releasing one feature at time. We get feedback from you (the Ello community!) and learn and change our plan as we go.

3) We launched Ello on the web only, without a mobile app. Given that 90% of all social media use is on mobile right now (I love using my iPhone too!) that may seem kind of insane — until you get Ello's larger goal. We don't want Ello to be just another chat or photo sharing app. Our intention was to build Ello into what it has already become: a real community focused on high quality art, writing, and commentary.


The way Ello is evolving, and the way we're releasing new features is all made to serve the larger goal: continuing to make Ello the best, most positive social community in the world with the best content on the Internet. And oh yeah — we don't sell ads and will never sell user data, too.

If you're new to Ello, you will notice changes to Ello daily. Your comments and ideas are valuable! Keep ‘em coming.

Soon: more awesome features, and yes — mobile apps. Keep having fun on Ello!

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