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Happy Friday,

This week we had a big iOS release and an update to profiles across all platforms (web, Android, iOS).

iOS 1.17

This release includes a new and improved profile design. This is the first step towards allowing you to really own your profile. In the not-so-distant future we’re going to empower you to fully customize your profile, enabling Ello to serve as a blog or portfolio – while continuing to evolve as a highly networked creators space. With this update we’ve totally redesigned your iOS profile.

The collaborate button is now available on iOS as well – turn it on in settings and start collaborating today.

Featured Badges

Featured members will now have a Featured Badge on their profiles. Click/tap the green check icon to see what category they are featured in and discover more amazing work in that category.

Learn more about our curation process here.

Hi-Fructose x Ello

The submission deadline for @hifructosexello is this Sunday. If you haven’t submitted your work, get to it!

More info about how and what to submit here.

Awesome background image by @lindsey_ann.
Hi-Fructose x Ello image by @chillyolovesyou.


@lucian :v:


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