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This is WEEK :four::six: of :bread: :exclamation:

What a crappy news week right? Why are people treating each other so poorly? Maybe things were way worse in the past? Maybe we just didn't know so much before so quickly? Maybe it's good that we see all this horror so that we can muster the ability to do something as a people? Maybe thinks are better?

Whatever the case, things on :ello: are pretty good. New members are joining ever day. More amazing things are getting posted from all over the world.

Here are your possible recipients (click the date to see the feature):

:pencil2: Monday 2015.11.16 | @iti

ByITI is a visual artist out of Bucharest with a passion for hand-drawn stickers and a constant interest in human behavior and evolution.

:iphone: Tuesday 2015.11.17 | @xiann

Christiann MacAuley is a cartoonist at Cosmopolitan.com, has published two computer-related books, and speaks German.

:scream: Wednesday 2015.11.18 | @hansbauer

Hans Bauer is an Austrian born screenwriter - (Anaconda :exclamation:), novelist (Fishtale :grey_exclamation:) and phantasmagorical photo artist.

:camera: Thursday 2015.11.19 | @koudis

Nick Koudis shoots people for a living but doesn't have an A+ rating from the NRA.

:rocket: Friday 2015.11.20 | @matt_harvey

Matt Harvey is a Sydney based all around creative guy.

They ALL deserve it. But who will receive it? It's all up to you, the good people of :ello:.


Let your vote count in the comments! (or maybe in some tweets too!)

SUNDAY - I'll Announce Who Gets the :bread: :exclamation:

:bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread: :bread:

Would you like you very own :bread: but maybe don't want to wait to see if you get a :bread: nomination and then wait to see if folks vote for you to receive :bread:? If that's you then here's your opportunity to buy some :bread: and throw a few bucks my way.

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Photo Credit: @olyavansaane

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