northern lights Angel Rocks, mi - lwpetersen | ello

More northern lights from Angel Rocks, a few miles from Chena Hot Springs, Alaska.

Aurora Angel Rocks Trail - Chen - lwpetersen | ello

Aurora from the Angel Rocks Trail - Chena River State Recreation Area, Alaska

Mt. Shand Black Rapids Glacier  - lwpetersen | ello

Mt. Shand over the Black Rapids Glacier in the Hayes Range region of the Alaska Range.

nights watch aurora front yard  - lwpetersen | ello

Just one of those nights when you watch the aurora from your front yard to see rockets fired through the auroral arc and...

blindingly beautiful day mounta - lwpetersen | ello

A blindingly beautiful day in the mountains. Up high on the Black Rapids Glacier, eastern Alaska Range.

aurora moonless night Angel Roc - lwpetersen | ello

A little aurora on a moonless night at Angel Rocks near Chena Hot Springs, Alaska.

Exit Glacier Kenai Fjords Natio - lwpetersen | ello

Looking across Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. The upper reaches open up into the Harding Icefield.


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