Big Guns main guns, fire 1,400  - mattgharvey | ello

Big Guns
The 14-inch main guns, which could fire 1,400 lb. shells 13 miles, of the battleship USS Texas, now on display...

Ship Dock 1890 side-wheel paddl - mattgharvey | ello

The Old Ship at the Dock
The 1890 side-wheel paddle steamboat Eureka, which originally carried passengers and railcars b...

Fair-Weather Morning sun rises  - mattgharvey | ello

Fair-Weather Morning
The sun rises over the Gulf of Mexico, as seen from a rock groyne on the Galveston, Texas, beach.

Tower Gold light day illuminate - mattgharvey | ello

Tower of Gold
The last light of the day illuminates Downtown Dallas’ Bank of America Plaza, as seen through the cables o...

Shore Skyscrapers, including La - mattgharvey | ello

On the Lake's Shore
Skyscrapers, including Lake Point Tower, rise along the shore of Chicago’s Monroe Harbor while nearb...

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