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Happy Thursday. We sort of kicked this off last week, but we’re going to begin sharing a weekly #productupdate to help keep everyone in the loop.

This week we’re going to talk about where our roadmap is currently at. Since day one our roadmap has been visible to the public, but as Ello has grown, at times, it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

In broad strokes, here is what we have planned for the next couple of months (not necessarily in this order):

Android app:
We announced this last week. Obviously a gaping hole in our product line that we are looking forward to filling.

Creating an Ello channel for IFTTT users. This will allow people to automatically post their Ello content to other networks. We will be giving out early beta access very soon. Let us know if you want to test it out.

Watch a user:
Get a notification (push and in your notification center) when someone posts. I personally follow so many awesome people that sometimes I miss posts from those I care about most.

Watch a post:
Continue to receive notifications on a post you have commented on. This will help people follow the conversation without going back manually. You will be able to mute any post, any time.

Simple private messaging:
This is another one we are very excited about. We actually had private messaging in our closed beta and it is about time to bring it back. We will be keeping it simple to start but we have some big plans for this feature.

Additional post formatting:
This will include things like image galleries, two up images and other formatting options to help you create a unique post on Ello.

Improved user profiles:
We’re leaving this a little vague for now. The goal is for people to feel like their profile on Ello really represents them as a creator. Think profile themes :)

Custom domains:
Make Ello your website. With the additional post formatting tools and profile customization, we want to give you the ability to take the extra step and use Ello as your website, blog, or whatever you want.

Native content syndication:
Auto publish your Ello content to other places on the web. Similar to IFTTT but all within Ello.

We have many more things in queue, but these are the big ones. Performance is also very important to us and will be a focus while working on new features.

Nothing is set in stone, our roadmap is a fluid thing. We will let you know as it changes.


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