An open letter to @ello, @lucian, @todd, and the world... You may have noticed a sudden huge influx of live stage performers from burlesque, side-show, the drag community, their friends, fans, and more into this site. This is because many of us, while we enjoy many of the things that a certain other network set-up for the world, we are tired of being persecuted for what we do on that same network. Once they started going after the LGBT community (seemingly specifically), artists, and people who used their stage names or different names in order to protect themselves from past abuse experiences, stalkers, and bad family situations (among many others), we had just had enough.

We are embracing this new community with open arms because it seems very artist and conversation friendly and really do look forward to the upcoming changes to the site with the hopes that we can just be US and not have to worry about people persecuting any of our communities just because they have different religious beliefs.

If you have any questions for us as to what we would like to see and our own experiences with 'other' sites, please feel free to ask any of us. We're all a pretty darn friendly bunch and very excited about the future.


~Chris Beyond
producer, journalist, designer
peepshowburlesque [at] hotmail [dot] com

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