I finally finished* the other, major item in my online housekeeping that I've been putting off for months. That and I wrote this year's writing itinerary on the fly. This is how it looks:

+ I'll be doing a bi-weekly flash fiction until I'm comfortable enough pace-wise to do one weekly. I used to do them all the way back in late 2011-2012 when I was still at community college and started mingling with the writing community on Google+. First one should be out late next week.

+ I plan on writing a short story on Wattpad bi-monthly. I've thought about posting last year's NaNoWriMo on there as a first-draft serial. Possibly.

+ Back in December 2012, I started a series called an "Experiment in Flash Fiction", inspired by Tim Sevenhuysen's Losing Freight, where readers voted on where the story went next. Instead of using a poll, I went for comments instead which I only got one from an uncle of mine. Thought they would make a snug fit over on Co-Write, where users could drive those pieces as stand-alones.

...and that about sums it up. All my other housekeeping projects are relatively minor from here on. Long story, short, I'm finished! :confetti_ball:

*This is more or less a summary of what I posted here during November.

Sadly, the link to the actual story on 1889 Labs no longer works. I linked to Tim's blog, where he summarizes the story, it's first five weeks, and the idea behind it.