So as much as I strayed off from the status quo, last night I started writing down one of my favorite scenes for that NaNo, now and always long term, project.

What have I learned:

+ I don't need to name every or any scene in Scrivener. I did this for a short story in a fiction writing class just to get myself acquainted with the program.

- I should look over my outline and notes once I start writing. I'm finding that I'll tend to stray from them unless they are consistent between each other or another idea pops up when I'm out and about, usually working.

* Not worry so much about the smaller details unless they help show setting or a character's personality. I joked that this month was "Anne Lamott Appreciation Month" on Facebook in honor of that excerpt from her book, Bird by Bird.

Next time, I'll do NaNoWriMo the proper and better way. As for this work, I'm very happy with what I have now. :joy: Still aiming for December if I survive the holiday crowds while Christmas shopping. :snowman: