Writing Plans for July-August

With the new computer, not only was I inspired to work on my long-term work-in-progress, but also to reorganize everything else that I'd yet to sort out. In other words, this was far from relatively minor, but was worth the wait and funds.

Because of the extended putting off of the project among other things, I meandered from my personal itinerary and would like to get back on track after the next two. I will be catching up on what I meant to do until then. That said, here's what I plan on doing...

July: I'll write a long-form post each about the topics that I meant to cover along with any book reviews that I missed along the way. Topics and reviews include my newfound love of the Vivaldi web browser, reviewing British comedian David Mitchell's Thinking About It Always Makes It Worse and Jan Wong's Red China Blues, about my current long-term work, etc.

August: Instead of just one Wattpad short story, I plan on doing two. One to make up for the lack of a June story and the other to round up my initial goal for this year. I plan on cross-posting all three of them here instead of just leaving them there.