Friday Reads 1.9.2015

While I'm still working through Capital, I also received some books I ordered with leftover birthday and Christmas money. I read through one of them yesterday's, Richard Litter's Discovering Scarfolk, and am currently reading through This Mitchell and Webb Book by its comedian namesakes, David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

I found out about the former...well its blog by accident by playing the tracks on Scarfolk's Soundcloud while holding the fort for a college portfolio sale. I'll admit, I was more intrigued by the town's history, caught in an indefinite 1970s time-loop more than its dystopian nature. I completely forgot about the place the following semester until after I graduated last year, when Cory Doctorow reported about Discovering Scarfolk on Boing Boing. The rest is history and, while the narrative--the analysis done by narrator Dr. Ben Motte--was disjointed in the beginning, the graphics and even the cover art made up for it.

My Friday reads for this weekend are still Capital (my major read for January) and This Mitchell and Webb Book. As someone who enjoyed their sketches from their TV show, sometimes reading David's column on the Guardian, this book does not disappoint. By tomorrow, I should be finished and ready to further tackle Piketty's magnum opus.

What are your Friday Reads?