Stamped With All Things Geek: The Vivaldi web browser, that I praised months ago, just went into beta last week. I played around with it as my default browser as soon as the news went out and...actually got a bit nostalgic for Firefox. This was initially because, since Vivaldi builds upon Chromium, I found that my battery drained much faster because of its memory usage among other technical issues.

Then, I discovered a few other thing...

  • I went to install the Xmarks Chrome extension and noticed quite a few recent, negative reviews about it creating duplicate files. Whether its because these users didn't utilize the add-on's thorough options--forced override of server/local data's a personal favorite--is unknown to me, but I didn't want to risk having to clean-up unnecessary clutter.

  • I couldn't access Feedly at all, although it said I logged in successfully. The OAuth page didn't close nor did RSS feeds load up. Tried it in Safari and could log in, but clicking on a post brought up a blank page. Luckily, it didn't mark that post as read. Regardless as to whether its because of a Feedly update or a Chromium process, I seldom had any trouble in Firefox and I used Feedly in conjunction with it when the website was just an add-on.

  • I slowly found out that Firefox also offered a bookmarks sidebar along with tab groups, which meant that I can create the same work flow that I had in mind for Vivaldi, minus the speed dial. Plus, figuring out the hotkeys for creating and managing tab groups makes organizing the whole thing so much easier.

  • This is a more personal one, but I had trouble tweeting through Firefox a few weeks ago. So, I used Vivaldi for most of it, while I went to the Mozilla Support forums to solve this problem, only to realize that I needed to switch my HTTP referer back to its default settings and I could use Twitter again in full. The guy who answered my question was very helpful and patient about the whole thing. Not so much an issue I discovered, but one that I did to myself without knowing until now.

In other words, Firefox grew on me without knowing how much. Still keeping an eye on Vivaldi to see where it goes.