ATTN: new Ello users

Please feel free to read these two articles before following through on the urge to bombard @todd, @lucian, and @budnitz with questions and complaints:

  1. the Ello manifesto
  2. Ello's stance on ads

These articles are well written and clearly outline the purpose and goals of Ello.

If you aren't a clicking-a-link kind of person, here's a few answers to the questions I see the most:

  1. Ello is in beta (it even says it up there in the corner). As in all other instances of the word beta, it means things are still being developed and created.
  2. Ello recognizes a difference between actual companies and spammers pretending to be a company. It is acceptable for companies to promote their product as long as it is authentic.
  3. There are no targeted advertisements on Ello. The only way you'll see a promotion is if you choose to follow a user who is promoting something.
  4. Ello plans to add paid features in the future. This is how it will make money.

The bottom line, I think, is that no one's arm was twisted into created an Ello account. The founders of Ello have repeatedly shown endless patience and positivity in personally responding to bugs, questions, and complaints from hundreds of users over the past few months. Dissatisfied Ello users should simply deactivate their account (it's incredibly easy) and use whatever social platform they prefer instead. Negativity is the last thing that will contribute to the overall success and enjoyment of Ello.

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