Förgätmigej (Forgetmenot) Graph - sandrahultsved | ello

Förgätmigej (Forgetmenot)
Graphite pencils, ink & watercolor, 2017. Size: 33x25 cm.

Available at Memento Tea Art Collec...

The last species
Ink, graphite pencils & ink pen, 6x4 inch.
Done for Untamed Fauna - fundraising show at Alexi Era Galle...

"Beaktande en ros"
This artwork has many different point of views for me. The background is that I wanted to express the...

Deer girl
Graphite pencils & ink, 2016.
Original available at Femme Thou Art Collective’s auction, 22–29 Nov.
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Oils, 10x15cm.
Available at Memento Tea Art Collective's "Little treasures" art auction on Facebook. Follow link...

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