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As humans, we like to define ourselves by what’s around us. Our belongings, our friends, and our affiliations help us relate to contemporary culture. They also reveal the essence of who we are—or at least who we think we are.

The “spirit animal” is one mechanism in which to we label ourselves. Whether we’re a tiger, bear, or giant eagle, there’s something about this connection that makes us feel empowered—like we are channeling the strength and grace of these creatures. Although “spirit animals” have been co-opted by the internet and reduced to memes, the term has roots in Native American spirituality. In this context, a person or clan picks an animal that guides and protect them. This goes beyond life and extends into death; when someone dies, their spirit is absorbed into the animal.

Though there’s a lot of jokes about the “spirit animal” (for some, whiskey is their “spirit animal”), there are others who take this kinship with earthly creatures seriously. They might not give it the formal title, but through tattoos, the attributes of both predator and prey are constant reminders of their attributes.

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