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Night Owl Society #1
IDW Publishing 2017
Written by James Venhaus
Illustrated by Pius Bak
Lettered by Marshall Dillon


Покаяния директора атомной станции. Делегация въезжает на объект. А у нас срабатывает аварийная защита. Главный инженер кричит оператору за пультом: «Давай, под...

World Aspen Comics 2017 Written - oosteven | ello

No World #1
Aspen Comics 2017
Written by Scott Lobdell
Penciled by Josh Gunderson
Inked by Mark Roslan
Coloured by Juan ...

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A quick practice from a PHOTO REFERENCE (NOT MINE but IDK where I got it from) a few days ago, I suck shit at chiaroscur...

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Marv - oosteven | ello

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1
Marvel Comics 2017
Written by Peter David
Penciled by Mark Bagley
Inked by John Dell


For those who always wanted to be perfect but were afraid to ask, Ron Padgett, the great American poet who wrote the poe...

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