RAY K. METZKER Photography’s Alchemist
In a career spanning six decades, Ray K. Metzker, who called himself “an intellectual wanderer,” created images of rare v...


Sales Business Video

We at Tiara Motion offer a plethora of services that include 2D Explainer Videos, Motion Graphics Videos, App Explainer Videos, Startup Ex...


Hello! I am here to explore, exhibit, see and be seen...In search for a job also! My official qualification is graphic designer with over 5 years of experience ...


jul 30 Siberia village Uyar
jul 28 Moto & rock fest, 3 days ОБЬ
jul 22 folk tech TOPLESS moto Шоу, 3-4 days
jul 14 spirit of cloud
jul 14 airshow shanson kaya...


What Best Explains the Purpose of Advertising?
amous ad man David Ogilvy once said astutely, "I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but ...

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