My new Venus Flytrap that
I got today ! I need to find a special pot to plant it in and a name !! Seymour is a little t...

Venus Flytrap today ! find spec - robogiggles | ello

After 26 years as a wonderful pet. Our African Gray parrot Simon, passed away over night.. Really going to miss his whi...

26 years wonderful pet. African - fellaguy2 | ello

Ecce Homo

As a baby he was cosseted and loved and fussed over
a blonde haired green eyed fat baby
by mother and siblings and neighbours

Soon he grew
grew as b...


Ola's Kool Kitchen podcast 326 here to set you on fire with The Baby Seals, The Dunes, Cuesta Loeb, Diary, The Babies, Bella Mckendree, Mothlight, Bridie Floren...


texts between me and my best friend today:
- me wanting to kill a boy for humming
- her wanting to ask to leave class ten minutes early to see if audition resul...

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