Coney Island Baby! One of my absolute favorite places in New York City is Coney Island! (Forget that it isn't really an ...

Coney Island Baby! One absolute - leannestaples | ello

If I bounced and paced my baby across the living room one more time – I was going to lose my mind.

I’d been shut in the house for too long. Away from the outsi...


"Aber Baby, dir hinterher zu rennen ist wie die Wolken zu fangen."

Auf diesen Wänden stehen die Geschichten, die ich nicht erklären kann
Ich lasse mein...


Maybe when Trumpers finally see the unconscious projection of their stunted and deformed egos explode all over the screen in a paroxysm of grotesque infantile d...



you run

for hills i can't



so scary, baby

so don't

have the guts


to know.

boo, baby.


"Making plans for Nigel", three caps and a hat - Dublin, Ireland - September 1988

XTC Babies. The tag on the wall shows...


trying to find my way to your heart
i don't know where to even start
saw you shine and i wanna shine with you
lookin at your body trynna not lift my pencil



Hi! My name is Jess, basically i'm a bisexual. I have a girlfriend and on our situation it is so fucking complicated.

I have a girlfriend that also has another...

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