“When I started, people didn’t know what zines were.”

AIGA eye on design visited Benjamin Sommerhalder the founder of ...

started, people zines AIGA eye  - vitsoe | ello

Two books I bought recently at Krimimessen 2017.
Thought the covers looked very good. They've bottled out on the UK cov...

books bought Krimimessen 2017.  - speesh | ello

Mulligan and Ostertag Kickstart Strong Female Protagonist: Book Two

Ongoing webcomic about superheroes and social justice...

Mulligan Ostertag Kickstart Str - comicbuzz | ello
Origami dollar bookmark part de - tuscarora | ello

Origami dollar bookmark Not part of the deal.
I like this book. Had to step up my reading focus,like flying at a higher...

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