Franz Fiedler, Kind hört einen Funkempfänger (Child listening to a radio receiver), 1925.

Ben Ruhe Mod Ben Ruhe • a ...

Franz Fiedler, Kind hört einen  - cairodesigner | ello

Sitting in the corner of the meeting room during rounds....listening to the situations that led the new clients into the...


Wish List @ SpeakEasy Art Gallery

"is a group exhibit featuring the colaborations of children ages 6-12 and 33 adult ar...

Wish List SpeakEasy Art Gallery - milespartington | ello

Another layer!

Sorry to bother you, again, with two posts in one day, about about the same topic. But, I just wanted to...


Wikibuda is Creating Giant Aluminium Puzzles....!!!!!!

Hi everybody, I'm very excited to begin a new journey on Patreon...



He's been insulated
Worn thin

Third child
Far from wild

Programmed to squint
And talk under his breath

He's always right
So he's never wrong

A li...


The mini poker set is something I played with when I was a child, I found it again recently, but few cards are missing. ...


What would music from mars sound like? Composer, Andrew Lockington (San Andreas, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Per...

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