What To Write In Personal Statement | Personal Statement Help

Here are some top tips as to what makes a good personal statement by UK based personal statement w...


Day 22. Today is personal. I am experimenting with words and text written directly onto leather. This text was taken dir...

Day 22. Today personal. experim - alexaallenis | ello

Keep in mind my opinion doesn't really matter in the weird web. I'm just a weird Internet person you don't know :smiley_cat: But I'm not stalkerish, yet I have been known t...


Top 10 CMS

Here is the list of top 10 CMS or Content Management System which are popular among both developers and non technical persons. Let's have a look .


I am making a contest! The fifth person to like my Harley Quinn drawing wins a like on every single post you do! This will benefit your rep on Ello! Comment if ...

person part beautiful journey c - lolosbri | ello

Indeed. But another person will come along. It's all part of the beautiful journey called life.


Desktop Calendars 2018

We are the most preferring among our competitors to create your own Desktop Calendars 2018 in New Jersey and Personalized Calendars in N...


Uncovered in the gray dim of her room. "Ooh, it's nice and big" she says. "I love BBC."
I push her off.
Reclothe myself, back away, withered.
"I'm a person, bi...

dark photo match miserable day  - cass_design | ello

Another dark photo to match the miserable day that's in it 🌧️
_ three little dot moons, from left to right: sizes of, 1c...

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