morning opens
un dictated as a skull

sun on his regular

clots on the lake’s
silver blood

and in this craved
anonymity , i am
waiting ,

a kind...


FREE SPEECH RALLY 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, BerkeleyMartin Luther King, Jr. Park Berkeley, California Thursday, April 27 at 2 PM
Join us for an afternoon...


Working with LAZARIS 'mind meld' audio this month and today (5th time) I saw colours! Usually I sense, feel and get somewhere (dream state like and see things t...

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Marv - oosteven | ello

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1
Marvel Comics 2017
Written by Peter David
Penciled by Mark Bagley
Inked by John Dell


alright, i've got housekeeping, errands... summer clothes, exercise clothes, shoes... a bill to pay by mail. I'm sore today so I'll need a shakeout and a stret...


Ffxiv Gil Just Enhance Your Knowledge Now

The concluding fantasy fourteen has rocked the planet of hardcore video clip ...

Ffxiv Gil Enhance Knowledge con - tiatight | ello
fast homeless person run! happe - fiona_cd | ello

You won’t believe how fast a homeless person can run!

You won’t believe what happened to me on the way home the other ...


Listening to a podcast and while people are entitled to their opinion, it makes me wonder about people and how their opinions had changed since "The Last Jedi" ...


Here's a section from an early long form piece - it's never appeared in public before

When did you meet K?

I was fifteen. So he must have been 16. There’s o...


Short Story: Miss Holly Lake and the Turning Leaves

Travel back to the 1930’s with Miss Holly Lake to find a missing alchemy textbook during a university’s tw...


Why is the establishment so afraid of what they call "fake news?''

sticks and stones ..right?

corruption is an iceberg, we've only seen 3 or 4 % ....the elite...


Happy birthday to Sybil Ludington’s historic ride! On this day in 1777, when she was sixteen years old, she rode her hor...

Happy birthday Sybil historic r - rleebyers | ello


Dear Brooklyn—
Dear Nicholle—


Nicholle says, “You always pick the best restaurants.”

My favorite patio for brunch is at Manny’s. Its vi...

Madding Crowd. day posted prett - doc | ello

Above the Madding Crowd. The other day I posted a pretty blanket of tulips from the Denver Botanic Gardens (see a couple...

Happy Tuesday week talking Inte - lucian | ello

Happy Tuesday ✌️

This week we are talking about our International GIF exhibition, our second art exhibition with Rare T...



Roku provides Roku Customer Support & Roku.com/link activation Technical Support to Roku users for various problems that u...


She has a cute little cunt. Stuff it and stick your ass in the air so I can fuck you in the ass!

cute cunt. Stuff stick ass air  - largep | ello

She begging to have her cunt stuffed with a cock. Question is do you stick your cock in there at the same time her tamp...

begging cunt stuffed cock. Ques - largep | ello

And I have always been one to walk away from a fight
But I can't walk away from you.
You are the last hissed word under a breath,
You are the breaking of the...

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