The trees behind my house are fortunate. They line the banks of the river, protecting and sustaining one another. Watching from my window is always a story of e...

convince children behave, greek - erickmramos | ello

To convince children to behave, the greeks would tell stories about Mormo, a greek spirit that would bite mischievous c...

cover story Realms Alerfa: Fall - guei-girl | ello

The back cover of my first story "Realms of Alerfa: The Fall of the Morning Star". Complete with a spoiler free synopsis...


Es viernes, vamos a brindar y lo sabes 🍻 A mí me espera una jornada divertida de reuniones y visitas con mis lindos bere...

Es viernes, vamos brindar lo sa - berezimoments | ello

Infinity is God... God is LOVE... LOVE is source... Source becomes information... Information becomes energy... Energy b...

Infinity God... God LOVE... LOV - kipbaldwin | ello
Quarter Moon Moonlight stories  - paulee1 | ello

The First Quarter Moon/Half Moon from The Moonlight stories series.
Oilon canvas 55x70cm

“One has to discover everythin...

front cover entry original seri - guei-girl | ello

The front cover of an entry in my own original series called "Realms of Alerfa".
It is the first story in the "In the Be...

Scientists human beings atoms,  - lolosbri | ello

"Scientists say that human beings are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are also made of stories."

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