there is

there is, i think

a pattern with the texture
of delight

that starts
with your lower lip
or your cupid's bow
or does pirouettes
at your knees...

Throwback MONDAY. paintings nee - candiceflew | ello

Throwback MONDAY. These are paintings that I needed to re-photograph. The largest one and the one with the smiling wav...


To Activate Roku – Enter Roku Activation Code –

We need to first install it. Roku is very much simple and easy to install. It has a very simple process. When ...



Hi Hello

So................................. it's been a while. It's been a very long while. I actually don't even know how long it's been. I haven't ...


Here's a section from an early long form piece - it's never appeared in public before

When did you meet K?

I was fifteen. So he must have been 16. There’s o...


“The Floating Cow” by Dr. Ugg (The Educated Caveman)

The cow floated approximately six feet off the ground, chewing absently and apparently unconcerned as it p...



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Violence, Mutual Destruction, Midnight Flight, Pacifism, and Sand and Bone 28

Over the last few months, I've brought up the words that Gichyòbi had said about ...

Finding Peace Altitude weekend - clemthegreat | ello

Finding Peace at Altitude

This weekend, the band headed to Colorado for three shows. I flew into Denver the night before ...



I haven't written in a while, but I just wanted to write about how insane this last month has been. This month I have done so many drugs that my brain...


Sand and Bone 28: Smoke and Honor

> The desert promises someone in white will approach when needed. --- Desert proverb

After a night of barely sleeping in the...

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