amongst the sea buck thorn
what will happen

for that hour we flashed
briefly in a seeking

thrumming the very
wilderness of self

you have been lost to me


"Even up in our chill, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon tha ass, until, up in our own cock, against our will, comes wisdom all up in tha wack gr...


Spring's Bloom Autumn's Winter (Poem)

Spring creates new life and the nature begins to wake up

The smell flowers begin to get stronger and the bees and but...


idk how to communicate w/ people??? like i just want to be chill but apparently i have no idea how to be and it's so hard that i just want to shut down and give...

lack updates. couple days chill - pedrobacaxi | ello

sorry for the lack of updates. been away for a couple of days to chill and come back with full energy !
Getting back to...



Manisty Street cut through one of the poorest areas in London's East End, flanked by Victorian tenements which had been irreparably damaged...


Short Story: I am Jane Doe: The Man who Rode the Horse to Slay the Dragon

Jane Doe goes undercover as an unstable farmhand to discover the identity of the mumm...


you're my
blood rush
head fuck
tears in coffee cups
high chase
safe space
favourite aftertaste
buzz kill
spine chill
full heart overspill
world stop
lip lock

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