Hey beautiful Girls, Are you aiming for perfect bust size and wants them in perfect shape then don’t worry you are at ri...

Hey beautiful Girls, aiming per - josephineray5 | ello
Birthright Skybound/Image Comic - oosteven | ello

Birthright #22
Skybound/Image Comics 2014
Created & Written by Joshua Williamson
Created & Illustrated by Andrei Bressan...


I Implore

A whisper from a shadow
Prickling at my ears
Anything you have to say
I find I long to hear

Standing still behind me
Enticing me with words
Hold my brea...


Because I'm a glutton for punishment I made croissants. Three days of love and effort paid off beautifully. Delicious, b...

perfect hide fruit, Banana Choc - twofoodies | ello

A perfect way to hide some fruit, this Banana Chocolate Cake is as decadent as it looks, and its frosting has a twist! T...


What have we been up to in the last week or so?

Sunday last we spent much of the day visiting my mother in her new digs. It's clear that she's settled in comfo...


I feel a beast roar within me
Move through the central holes
Of my inner sanctum

And I'm the middle of the center
At the core
The focal point
The area that w...


Run For Treasure
© Surazeus
2016 06 26

Pool of water shimmers in granite hole,
reflecting gold sunlight in piercing rays.
"Rays of light weave eagle wings f...

Slipcase* lot research slipcase - vivlio | ello

The Slipcase*
A lot of research has been done on different slipcase production methods and materials so in a sudden turn...

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