Winter’s Dying Suicide (Inspired By “Kill Yourself Part 3” By $ucide Boy$) (Warning: kind of morbid)

Laying in my room just looking at the sun’s light reflecti...


Bleeding Off Life (Poem)

And so it i thought i could last a tiny bit longer and not let my current situation get the better of me but i guess it did

Now im n...


I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry I'm dirt I'm sorry I'm dirty
I'm sorry it's my fault I'm sorry it's my fault
I'm sorry I drank I'm sorry I d...


i was watching some songs i use to listen too when i was in jr high and it still reminds me of every single fight i got into all the pain they put me through an...


Hurt Enough (Poem)

Seen as a joke by many and then laughed at for being different is torment enough

Being beaten to the ground and constantly having to be on ...


Want everyone around to think that I'm alright
Hope they assume I've left the dark and found the light
Want them to think that I don't cry myself to sleep at ni...

Whew! long time! posted today D - kysketch | ello

Whew! It's been a long time! Hello!

I posted this today on my DeviantArt page, but I wanted it to get seen here, too. I...

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