The National Academy of Sciences has released its report on the ethics of gene editing. I haven't read it, but I assume ...

National Academy Sciences relea - rleebyers | ello

i drafted a synopsis and i have a semi coherent plot !! excited to get to work editing what i have so far after i finish watching shadowhunters


This video clip was made the request of my best friend, Tibor Laczko.
Directed, edited by: Kalman Kovats
Music by: Lukas Graham - 7 Years


While touring a commercial bakery... Crumpled paper somehow always looks interesting. This is an un-edited picture taken...

touring commercial bakery... Cr - exchequemate | ello
ΣΕΑΚ book redesign 2-volume edi - hellopanos | ello

New book redesign for the 2-volume edition SEAK, for Law Publishing House "Π.Ν. Σάκκουλας" (greek).


First round of edits for my story, Pyresnakes, has been completed! There is always more editing to come, of course.

And I seem to have caught a headcold. Which ...


AT RE REVIEWS: "the wages of sin" edition -

hell yeah, hell fuckin yeah, all right. death is certain. (4/5 stars)


4 Essential Tips To Consider While Choosing The Best Photo Manipulation Service

Businesses and even individual speciali...

4 Essential Tips Choosing Photo - allisondavid | ello
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