It seems crazy, but it is the spaces in-between that all the answers lie. We literally will not have an original thought, that can be called our own. This is be...


Hello everyone! Due to the holiday, and the fact I can't spend another second indoors on this gorgeous day, Tinpoet's Wo...


This one of the most touching poems i have ever read.

Leap by Brian Doyle
A couple leaped from the south tower, hand in hand. They reached for each other and ...

Marcel Duchamp famously exhibit - nick-jolly | ello

Marcel Duchamp famously exhibited a series of prefabricated objects in his 1917 exhibition Readymades. His work challeng...

HEY MATH NERD!!!!!!!! McFreakin - lydimors | ello

HEY MATH NERD!!!!!!!! It's your McFreaking Birthday , WOOOHOOOOO, launch another Fried Egg at Jon's Face in Honor of thi...


Harmonious Phrases Of Light
© Surazeus
2017 04 17

Huddled on the park bench in freezing wind,
the old man with long greasy hair and beard
clutches small wor...


As my wife so eloquently put it, "She's the reason you're celebrating today." That's for sure. And if it wasn't for my d...


In dem Ding stecken mehr gute Gedanken als man vermutlich herauslesen kann aber ich war zu faul es auszuformulieren. Und genau das fand ich auf einmal wieder sc...


“My Words” by Yva Godfrey

It has oft been said, “I have a way with words.”
A gift many describe in curious measure.
My words be illustration, orchestration, "...

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