professors bored books ditched  - kizor | ello

when professors bored
when books ditched
when classroom poisoned
when mind fucked
the pen made him escaped


Releasing November 7th 2017
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 12: The Getaway (ISBN 9781419725456 $13.95)

To escape the stress of th...

Releasing November 7th 2017 Dia - rick196 | ello

it's affecting me so much more than i thought it would so much than she thought it would affect anyone i spent a week in disbelief i cried the first day out of ...

Wig escaped hot mess night, Don - botcomics | ello

The Wig #3

Having escaped a hot mess of a night, Donna angrily throws the wig to the ground and goes to sleep. The nex...


"DJ ESSAY & SPRINGTIME MOVES 2017" - 2 hours of finest Drum and Bass Music :-) ENJOY!!!

  1. Seba & KirstyHawkshaw - The Joy (face to face)
  2. Seba - Painted Skies
  3. To...

Today I feel disgustingly mortal. On days like this, I wish to walk without reason to nowhere and everywhere. To move without conscious, a zombie, no, Forest Gu...


Power | 2017 | Ballard, Seattle

“In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in h...

Power | 2017 Ballard, Seattle o - lucybootstoo | ello
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