Why is it Halloween songs are never actually scary?

I mean... "Monster Mash?" Really?? That's the equivalent of a Nine Inch Nails putting out a Christmas album...


It's that time again... When I ask the question, Why is it Halloween songs are never actually scary? I mean, "Monster Mash?" Really?? That's the equivalent of a...


WELCOME TO V. VALE's RE/SEARCH NEWSLETTER #144, NOVEMBER 2015 Add Us to Your Address Book! You are Receiving this Email because You or Someone You know Signed ...


Gestern verlautbarte der Rolling Stone, dass es nach 18 Jahren wieder ein Album von Faith No More geben wird. Yeah! Ich ...


042615 @ alt7 setlist

silver strain - a blue rose
aimon - into the night
fantomas - twin peaks: fire walk with me
foetus - blessed evening [phylr remix]
the cre...


I've never really got on with Tanith Lee's novels (or at least, I didn't twenty years ago when I tried some) but I'm finding I like her short stories much bette...


Journal du jeudi 02 juin 2016
"Vitre en cours de maintenance"

... Pas n'être pas nette pas n'être pas nette pas n'être ...
Les troubles existentiels matin...


Making a Quimbanda statue involves many steps. After initial contact with the client, email exchanges and preferences, w...


I NEED this... Fantomas boxed LP set of all their albums. Image was from Ipecac's twitter feed by Dave Lombardo.


Fantomas (1912). I bought the box set of this series about a year old now, I've watched 3 of the 5 so far, each one is ...


052415 @ alt7 setlist

depeche mode - new dress
icon of coil - dead enough for live
neuroticfish - why don't you hate me
vnv nation - epicentre
covenant - ritual ...