Poor France
They just can't seem to figure out why they keep getting attacked

Not like its not obvious
But only if you want to admit the hard truth of incompat...


ScienceMarch was this past weekend and I attended one of the 600+ satellite marches. It was thrilling to see so many people come out for science (and in many pl...


Hiya I'm Cybelle! I'm a lover of art and science and I'm figuring this out and yeah hi everyone🌹💖


i'm paying off credit card bill, then going to the gym if I got time, then I got an appointment. I am not going to sweat figuring out or worrying about my dati...


alright, I was out and about a little bit. It was an ok time. But I didn't really get too much done. Got the bill paid off, that's important. My appointment...


National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 24

…and there was much rejoicing

I know the Xerox copier was only a loaner,
and Brother Dominic had to go back to pen ...

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