36 days of Type complete. It's great to see how it's all come together.

You can check out the full compilation video he...


Minimal installation RHEL 7 + GNOME Desktop (not classic)

If you want a minimal installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linu...

Minimal installation RHEL 7 + G - moelands | ello
Details shot. Check textures Gr - yellabor | ello

Details shot. Check out the textures 👀

Greek inspiration. 👁
Acrylic, spraypaint and ink on thick and durable 1m * 1m pa...


For my Multiples, I have been working on work that can balance my portfolio. One of those things missing is typography and the use of hand lettering. Therefore,...


How to Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes

A website has only 7 seconds to attract visitors. Online users are busy people that they tend to visit your competitor'...

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