Every year freelancing culture is spreading and more people want to be part of it.
People want to have a control over th...

year freelancing culture spread - mnikolovski | ello
applications filled submitted r - kpapenbeat | ello

Last two applications I filled out and submitted for review? One was for a dog-walking service, because, let's face it,...


I always rode pillion...

For a couple of years around 1980 I was commissioned to photograph motor-cycles for “Which Bike?...

watch Billions night. scary. re - kpapenbeat | ello

I never watch Billions at night. Too scary. Too real. I only watch it during the day. Preferably when the sun is shin...

Freelance Chapterhouse Comics 2 - oosteven | ello

Freelance #1
Chapterhouse Comics 2017
Written by Jim Zub & Andrew Wheeler
Illustrated by Vaneda Vireak
Lettered by Andre...

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