How strange it must feel for you
To be touched this very gently
And to be loved this very wholly

How outlandish it must seem
That your sweat is no sweat
And yo...


Summer evening
heat I have never known
a bare floor in an empty duplex, in Iowa
trees abound with panting leaves
hot air swims, through the room
catapulted by r...


for Danielle

She wanted to see to the end of the world
she said and we were walking out
on the rocks at Provincetown where the
horizon tips out past the lighth...


Acceptance of Need and the Art of Scrambling Eggs

This is for someone who might be precious and particular about the manner in which scrambled eggs should be pre...


Dreams no. 50

Long night... Which also ended abruptly during a morning nightmare. But first things first. I already feel it's somewhat of a weird thing having ...


When I imagined standing near volcano
To feel the world of heat
It didn't burn me
It gave me fire
To create..

imagined standing volcano feel  - kizor | ello

Benefits of Installing Roof Ventilation - Solar Path Sydney

Solar Path offers roof ventilation, which is useful in hot weather that can cool home, reduce air c...


National Poetry Writing Month 2017, Day 29

My Day 29 poem for National Poetry Writing Month uses the prompt on Napowrimo.net—which involves choosing a ‘very sp...


Mariko removed her shoes at the door of the abandoned room. Vito choked back his frustration as he held the door for her...

Mariko removed shoes door aband - rickwayne | ello

This morning I made a way-too-big (more than I personally need) batch of Balm of Gilead salve. If you're not familiar wi...

morning personally batch Balm G - artwytch | ello

WFIRST spacecraft With a view 100 times larger than Hubble's NASA aims for 2025 launch of next ‘great observatory’ searc...

WFIRST spacecraft view 100 time - tonynetone | ello

Sand and Bone 28: Smoke and Honor

> The desert promises someone in white will approach when needed. --- Desert proverb

After a night of barely sleeping in the...

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