Out of no where I heard three gunshots. It scared the hell out of me. I dropped the phone and ducked, not knowing what was going on. I soon picked up the phone ...

buddy Cowboy Car Hell. dozen ye - mikecampbell | ello

Our buddy "Cowboy" and his "Car from Hell". A dozen plus years in restoration. Bruce put this baby together all on his o...


Screaming Metal (Part 008)
©2017, Made in DNA

And manhandling her as her earlier captors had, he shoved her through a p...

Screaming Metal (Part 008) :cop - millis | ello

Dreams no. 46

Not sure why, or when, or how we got there, but I was supposed to drive far away with my dad, presumably to Timisoara, and from there, having a t...


I'm completely addicted to this digital sticker and card collecting/trading app. I joined at first for the Rick & Morty ...

completely addicted digital sti - kogoeruyoru | ello
  1. I'll wait until Backlash to say anything about the winners and losers of the Superstar Shakeup

  2. WWE is going out of its way to tell us that there'll be no heel ...


Shortly after the election, some people floated the idea of "reconciliation" between Trump voters and non-Trump voters. We would rather smash our collective sku...


Conversation with Comrade Lenin
by Vladimir Mayakovsky
tr. Grant Leuning

Piles of work, the uproar of events, the day drifts, then dusk.
Two people are left i...

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