lot waxy, yellow coming water - fiction - littlefears | ello

“There’s a lot of waxy, yellow build-up,” said Amid.

“It’s not coming off with water,” sighed Sam.

“Yeah wax is a pain...

“Good grief!” Fuen, survive?” s - littlefears | ello

“Good grief!” said Fuen, “did anybody survive?”

“Not a soul,” said Yuffie, as Cloud floated by.

“What’s ya talking abo...

glum Spider,” Yuffie, “wos’ rep - littlefears | ello

“Looking glum there, Spider,” said Yuffie, “wos’ up?”

“What is up,” replied Spider calmly.

“OK,” replied Yuffie, “what...

History Bad Jokes’,” Librarian - littlefears | ello

“There you go ma’am, ‘The History of Bad Jokes’,” said Librarian.

“Thanks a lot!” chirped Fuen.

“And may I get you any...


“Tea-Cup, Hammer, and Lemon Lizard” by Charlie Centipede (and Richard F. Yates AND Richard O’Brien)

“Did you ever love ...

“Tea-Cup, Hammer, Lemon Lizard - richardfyates | ello
lot magazines, Flower!” Yuffie - littlefears | ello

“That’s a lot of magazines, Flower!” said Yuffie.

“New business venture,” said Flower.

“Oh?” inquired Yuffie.

“Gonna ...

called moving soft steps hallwa - littlefears | ello

“Hello,” she called out, moving with soft steps down the hallway.

The only reply was the sound of a cupboard door closi...


“Read a Damn Book – 032: Understanding Comics”

Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, comic books were HOT! Mainstream...

“Read Damn Book – 032: Understa - richardfyates | ello
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