The wind once blew the trees in sync.
The sun once fooled the moon to rise; However, the world I held went bleak,
When birds and time began to speak.

The darkn...

Volumes line wooden office acce - wonceco | ello

Volumes is a line of wooden office accessories - inspired by the city and urban landscape.
More about the brand cinqpoi...

Artwork // Source originally cr - barrycosta | ello

Artwork // Source Within

I originally created this artwork in October of 2014 when I found myself in a deep state of de...

Artwork // Soul Star originally - barrycosta | ello

Artwork // Soul Star

I originally created this artwork for a friend with the intention to send her an inspirational ima...

intimate conversation, slipped  - gdduran | ello

In an intimate conversation, I slipped
(April 2017)

In an intimate conversation, I slipped,
And I spoke her name,
And I...

pictures​ worth 161 words) (Apr - gdduran | ello

If you don't know me (or pictures​ are worth 161 words)
(April 2017)

I transition seamlessly
From buzzing dark rooms an...

Artwork // Create remember time - barrycosta | ello

Artwork // Create This

I don't remember what I was going through at this time in my life, but I was clearly fascinated ...

brand cinqpoints established ye - wonceco | ello

The brand cinqpoints has been established three years ago by a French architect - designed as a tribute to architects' w...

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