Check out my last video, but se habla español !
Haciendo ironías y analogías con logos, un ejercicio para mejorar tus habilidades para diseñar logos y divertirs...

amazing, weird girl magic Embra - berrynadine | ello

You have to let all that amazing, weird girl magic come out. Embrace it, release it to the universe and feel your vibrat...


"After all, we were young. We were fourteen and fifteen, scornful of childhood, remote from the world of stern and ludicrous adults. We were bored, we were rest...

PUSHING! takes energy mental st - berrynadine | ello

I am so done PUSHING! It takes so much of my energy and mental state to push against what's not working. It's not workin...

Waking Dreams Collisions 2017)  - gdduran | ello

Waking Dreams and Other Collisions (May 2017)

In the blue-grey predawn fog,
You flicker between the sheets, aglow, pink...

favorite part EFT (Emotional Fr - berrynadine | ello

My favorite part of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping is how quickly you get results.

You start by finding ...

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