Logo fictional company font. Ma - _marco | ello

Logo for a fictional company made with a self-made font.
Main inspiration for the font came from the shape of candy can...


Branding & Packaging: Made Café by Alireza Jajarmi

Clean and uncluttered, this student project by Alizera Jajarmi is a ...

Branding Packaging: Café Alirez - iamthelab | ello

Funklimbs Logo. Funklimbs is a climbing review blog that can be downloaded for free. The reviews are part of the materia...

Funklimbs Logo. climbing review - ceskus | ello

Wallkstalk Type. It is a typography inspired by the native graffiti of the city of Sao Paulo, the so-called Pixaçao. Thi...

Wallkstalk Type. typography ins - ceskus | ello
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