The archive of the radio show from 4/14/17

The Static Atomizer Radio Programme Show
broadcast date: 4/14/2017, 10 PM EDT
strap in, punkers! green mohawks and c...


To my(enraged)friends who support summary executions

Metal wings
disturb the air,
frightening the birds,
a rampant vigil,
for what that man did at the corner s...

Composed tens thousands metalli - decorkiki | ello

Composed from tens of thousands of metallic wind spinners, more than 10 miles of crystals, and thousands of other tradit...


Radio show archive - 4/21/17 - Le radio show Static Atomizer
all 70s!
all vinyl!

Black Flag, Pink Fairies, Thin Lizzy, Clash, Motörhead, Suzi Quatro, Gary Glit...


Spring is crushed under metal tongues
Blended palm leave oil
To sit with fingers crossed
In June and Tuesday's arms

Slumber soon
Slumber calm
Wish you tender ...

Telchines metal workers seas. w - erickmramos | ello

Telchines where the metal workers of the seas. Some of their best work were the trident of Poseidon and the sickle for C...

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