2017-04-27 - 1,291 days to go.

It has been nice to revisit my Novial Beginner's Manual. It's a nice project that, as with so many other projects that I start, is...


AH 299 It is that time again

Really dislike numbers ending with 99, who will get me to 300 :) I promise you great videos to come and some nice videos from bef...

woman dressed hanbok sits windo - indiga | ello

A woman dressed in a hanbok sits in the window of a restored room at The National Folk Museum of Korea. On nice days Kor...

Ged train line?” asked Fuen. ha - littlefears | ello

“Why was Ged on the train line?” asked Fuen.

“His hat was taken to another platform by the wind,” replied Reptile.



$4.42 at the grocery store... Banana and yogurt for breakfast(s), mashed potatoes and corn for lunch, cheddar cheese she...

$4.42 grocery store... Banana y - adverteria | ello
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